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20957 Community St, Canoga Park, CA, 91304


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Hours of operation

21 Hours a Day 7 Days a week

*SUNDAY THROUGH SATURDAY **6:00am - 3:00am*

Our offers

Child care Services will be offered 8 hours a day at three separate shifts per day. Company may offer child care to 24 children per day with 8 children per shift.
Company may offer child care services twenty-one hours (21) hours per day on weekdays and on weekends.

Angel Child care will pick up children from school and bring them to my day care facility.

Teaching Computer, Piano, Music, Art, Dance, Foreign Languages ( Farsi, Spanish)

Help For homework, and Tutoring.
Transportation, Snacks.


Why Choose Angel Child Care Canoga Park?

Clean and Safe Learning Environment
Lots of exciting new toys
56 inch Smart Flat Screen TV with Learning Alphabet etc.
Very safe neighborhood
House on a cul-de-sac with large backyard.

Angel Child Care considers it a privilege to be a part of the team raising your child. At Angel Child Care you’ll find extended hours of operation – we are open from 6:00 am to 3:00 am on weekdays and on weekends. You’ll find a wide variety of activities for child including piano lessons, foreign languages, dance, music, and art.

Angel Child Care also encourages your child’s intellectual and academic development by providing specialized educational programs. Family child care is provided for three-year-olds while a full family child care curriculum is taught by a professional teacher for four- and five-year-olds. Transportation and after-school program is provided for kids currently attending school.

There is no debate that quality childcare provides a vital benefit for working parents. However, quality childcare also provides proven health, social, intellectual, and physical benefits for children. Despite the mixed feelings that often accompany placing your child in daycare, studies show the following benefits:

• Social skills. Children in daycare learn to socialize, share, communicate, problem solve, and co-exist at an early age.

• Academic benefits. Recent studies have shown that children who received high quality care in early childhood reaped the benefits through high school and into adulthood. They are more likely to hold a job, less likely to use public assistance, and four times more likely to earn a college degree than the control group.

There are also benefits to choosing an in-home daycare over a daycare center:
- One-on-one interaction. In-home daycare providers often boast less children and smaller groups, resulting in closer supervision, increased safety, personal care, and increased one-on-one interaction.
- Familiarity. While daycare centers can feel sterile and institutional, in-home daycare feels and looks like home, providing comfort and familiarity for children and reducing separation anxiety.

• Affordability. Home daycare providers typically charge less per hour than centers and require pay for fewer unscheduled days. They also often have a less rigid contract, allowing parents more flexibility for vacations and illnesses.

- High Standards. In-home daycare providers are still required to meet strict standards set by the state in terms of nutrition, cleanliness, emergency escape routes, caregiver-to-child ratio, caregiver qualifications, and square footage per child.

Our program consists of:

1- 52 inch Smart Flat Screen TV with learning Alphabet etc.
2- Indoor Activities
3- Outdoor Activities
4- Snacks

Extra- Curricular activities that will be offered at Angel child care facility for an additional charge include:

A) Teaching Computer, Piano, Music, Art, Dance, Foreign Languages ( Farsi, Spanish)
B) Help For homework, and Tutoring.
C) Individual tutoring is available
D) Transportation

Our facility includes:

1- Many color rubber mats interlocking.
2- Home security, Camera, Smoke detector, Motion detector, and Carbonic detector.
3- Tv Room- Play Room and back yard .

General service offered:

Activities include; circle time, outside play, nap and rest period, toys, dress code, toilet training, television and video time, holidays or birthdays celebrations.

Curriculum Plan:

1- Literacy
2- Mathematics
3- Science
4- Social studies
5- Creative Expression
6- Arts
7- Health and Safety

Family child care 2-3 years old

we provide a variety of Montessori style wooden toys like block, puzzles, abacus, pegs, letters and numbers which toddlers learn to manipulate, count and recognize.

Family child care 4-5 years old

We provide a complete preschool curriculum in daily lessons led by a professional teacher. The curriculum include learning the alphabet and numbers, counting and doing math, recognizing colors and shapes, learning children poem and nursery rhymes, recognizing site words and coins, developing vocabulary, learning to read and write and much more. Children participate in arts and crafts class. Music lessons and foreign languages class.

Family child care 6-12 years old

We also take care of school age children in our after-school program.
we will pick up your child from school. We will provide a nutritional afternoon snacks for your child. Then they will have homework time followed by play time and/ or other structured activities. We provide a solution to that dilemma. We have music, dance, foreign languages, art teachers and variety of tutors available at your request. We have a piano at the facility and can hold piano lessons and computer lessons.

Angel Child care Teaching Computer, Piano, Music, Art, Dance, Foreign Languages ( Farsi, Spanish), and Teaching English language for parents and children.